Prevent disposable plastics in our environment

It is being estimated that there is about a ton of plastic available for each person living in the world today. More than 99% of this is never re-used and ends as garbage and finally as microplastic particles in the environment, with potentially detrimental consequences for all life on earth.

Prevent Disposable Plastics (PDP) is a fast growing international network, aimed at preventing the use of disposable plastics.

We link and actively connect new ideas and new initiatives to successful players. With the overall aim of getting rid of disposable plastic in the world as soon as possible. We bring start-ups in contact with experienced professionals, in order to accelerate the transition to a (circular) society where no plastic is wasted or thrown away. Also we link industry and education organisations to local and national policymakers to end our dependency on single use plastic and make the circular use of plastic products a national and international perspective.

We show how it can be done!

Also, we assist all initiatives that introduce novel ways to stop disposable plastics or to invent alternatives. We help developing your team to a more creative and dedicated one. Talent development is one of our core activities.
In our virtual laboratory, we assist in the formulation, organization and implementation of projects aimed at reducing and completely preventing disposable plastics, without laboratory research or technical analyses taking place.

Our team is a small group of experienced professionals, sharing the following values: responsibilty, honesty, innovative, decisiveness and sense of purpose.

Our network focuses on preventing disposable plastics, and as such contributes to the reduction of greenhouse gases as well.

Join our network and take profit from our connected brains, joint experience and mutual inspiration and help us prevent the production of disposable plastics.

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